Rejoice my people! Rejoice!

Come and “be” before you “go” and “do”.
This is a must for my people.
So often, because of your busy-ness,
You feel you have not got the time
Yet you are the branches and I am the vine –
Unless you abide in me and I in you
You cannot bear my fruit –
The fruit that remains.

Come and be in my presence where there is fullness of joy –
‘Great joy for all people’ as declared by an angel at my birth.
Together with my love and peace, this joy will be clearly seen
As you spend more time just “being” with me.
Know that this joy is your strength.
It is found in my presence.
Many more souls will be won for me
As they see my joy emanating from you.

Rejoice my people! Rejoice!
The time is fast approaching when I will return to earth.
Be prepared and ready, and prepare the way for me.
My glory will be seen and known and I am the King of Glory.
It is “I in you” – the Hope of Glory. Come now and reveal to all my Glory.

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