“NIB Stadium” Not by chance for Perth4Jesus

The words I use are significant –
The words I write on your hearts.
Always there are meanings
That come from my heart.

The event that I am planning
Is to send a message to my people.
It is written with a special “nib”
And dipped in my blood.

I have given my life for you my people –
I gave my all for you.
The blood that I shed on that Roman cross
Still speaks to you today.

Perth4Jesus has been called into being
Deep from my heart.
The Stadium chosen is called nib Stadium
To write the message from my heart.

In days gone by when writing my Word
Great care was taken with every jot and tittle
That my Law could be fulfilled.
That Law has now been fulfilled my people –
I have fulfilled that law.
It is now by my Spirit I write to you –
It is a brand new “nib”.

The name of the Stadium is not by chance.
“It is not by might – it is not by power
But by my Spirit, says the Lord”
Man cannot produce my Glory –
It is when and how I choose.

Know that, as you come together in unity
Worshiping and glorifying me,
My Glory will radiate across your City
Setting the captives free.

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