Come to me – Talk to me!

Come to me – Talk to me!
Tell me your heart’s desires.
My desires are clear in my Word
And deep in your DNA.

More and more as you come into my likeness
My desires become yours
And as you go from glory to glory
What is mine becomes yours –
You believe and receive more and more
Of all I gave for you on that cross.

There will be more and more revelation as the days go by.
It is by my Spirit you will hear and know my mind and my heart
I have become part of you and you have become part of me.

You have the responsibility now to represent me on the earth.
My Holy Spirit will fill you afresh with resurrection power
For the hour has come for my glory to be seen on the earth in men,
Men and women flowing together in unity in my Spirit
Bringing in my Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven –
Preparing the way, for the King of Glory is coming in –
And I am your King of Glory.
My glory will be seen and known in you and through you my people.

You have the power to push away
The things of the world, the flesh and the devil.
Choose to flow in resurrection life –
It is the desire of the Father –
His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Our desire to be your desire.

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