The Lord thy God in the midst of thee, is mighty.

Of yourselves you can do nothing –
Nothing that is of true value towards bringing in my Kingdom.
It is by my Spirit and through my blood given for you
that you now stand –
Strong and sure on a firm foundation,
Strong and deep and wide.

I am in the midst of you my people.
The power that is generated by my presence,
my glory, my very being
Will become a mighty force in the world
Such as has never been seen before.
It is a culmination of a coming together
Of all the resources I have placed in my people –
With the proclamations in my Word
And the despatching of my heavenly hosts, my angelic beings
To fulfil my plan and purpose in the earth.

Know that when I am in the midst of you
My power becomes manifest
In whatever form I choose.
I know the end from the beginning.
I am the beginning and the end –
The Alpha and the Omega.

May my Spirit rest upon you –
The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding
The Spirit of Counsel and Might
The Spirit of Knowledge
And Fear of the Lord.
I desire you to walk in my fullness my people.

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