My joy – A light to the world

Joy is as a flag
And can be easily seen.
The Joy that I give surpasses all other.
It flows from your innermost being.
It is the Joy that comes from knowing that I am your Lord
Regardless of the circumstances –
Of the happenings that surround you.

My people, my Joy is truly your strength
And the enemy would rob you of this Joy.
The cares of this world will suck you dry.
Do not take them upon you.
Allow my Joy to rise up within you –
To rise up and be clearly seen.

The strength in my Joy will be desired
And as others look and wonder,
Tell them of what I have done for you.
Tell them it can be their’s.
I long to impart my Joy to the world
Which I brought as a child in a manger.

My Joy is to be as a light in the world
Shining brightly for all to see.
My Joy will be seen in you, my people
As more of my plans you see.
I am revealing more of myself
In ways as not before.
Excitement and Joy will flow from you
As I reveal more and more.

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