My Holy Spirit is strategically moving.

It is by my Spirit I am moving in ways as not before.
There is coming now a culmination of all that has gone before.
It will be as a great explosion of my Truth and Life.
My Holy Spirit is moving and gathering together my Light.
My Power as yet has only been seen in small particles, as it were
But soon there will be seen my explosions in strategic places on the earth –
A gathering together of forces not yet seen on the earth.

My people, be aware my power is far greater than any other power on the earth
And it is through you, my Power will manifest as you become a united force.
The darkness has to recede as I come in like a flood.
The Blood of my Son. still full of power, will wash away the sin.
Be on your knees and be ready for the King of Glory is coming in.

The time is short my people, and I cry out to you –
Take the time to listen. Hear what I say to you.
My strategy is to be heard and you are to come in unison.
Those who do not, will live to regret not hearing my heart-cry today.

Come my people. Gather for me. My Glory is to be seen!
It will be as a great explosion for all to see and to believe
“This is supernatural!” “This is an awesome thing!”
My Holy Spirit is strategically moving – My Kingdom to be clearly seen!

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