It is by my grace

It is by my grace you have been saved.
It is by my grace you live every day.
My grace will be sufficient
In your every-day walk with me –
For I am truly your all-sufficiency.
Your fullness will always be found in me.

Your life is to show my victory
Over sin, sickness, fear and shame.
Your confidence is to be in me
And what I accomplished on Calvary.
I am the same yesterday, today and forever.
My love for you is everlasting.

My grace and my mercy I hold out to you.
It is for you to fully receive –
It is not by any work that you do
But by faith in me
That you will show to all around you
That I am in you – the Hope of Glory.

It is unbelief that rules the world
More than any other.
Unbelief is the greatest sin –
More than any other.
Without faith it is impossible to please me
And anything not of faith is sin.

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