Over and over and over again

Over and over and over again
I have asked you to be prepared –
To be prepared for my coming –
For my coming back again.

My people, you have become complacent
Concerning this very thing.
The emphasis can be on others
Or the task at hand,
But I ask you again, are you prepared?
It is for you I am coming again.

It is together I will gather you to myself
Yet each one needs to be ready.
My Holy Spirit will help you once you are aware –
The time now is limited.
I want each one to be there
To be at that stage of maturity I can rely on you
To help complete my end-time plan.
I hold the blueprint in my hand.

It is a journey you are on.
Consider your destination.
All things temporal can be laid aside
As you focus on the eternal.
All the things that you think necessary –
Weigh them on my scales.
Your load will be much lighter as you venture on.
My people, you will be ready as you soldier on.

I understand your journey –
I too, journeyed on the earth.
I was tempted in all the ways you are.
My love encompasses you on earth.
Hold steady and be ready.
I am coming back to earth.

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