Walk humbly before your God

Walk humbly before your God.
The Honour I have for my Father –
It has never ceased
Though I am in a place of honour
Seated at His right hand,
In my heart I bow my knee
Humbly before Him.

My people, I see a carelessness
That grieves my Holy Spirit
When My Presence falls
And He starts to minister.
My people, the time has come for a greater awareness
Of my visitations upon the earth.
There is a culmination of my plans and purposes.
I have a Master Plan.
I hold the blueprint in my hand.

Steep yourselves in my Word.
It is for you to see my time-line.
Walk humbly before me, my people
With your heart attuned to what is required of you
To help bring in my plan and purpose
For this day – in this hour.
By your words and your actions, you will help bring
My Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.
Prepare the way! Prepare the way my people
For your soon-coming King!
The King of Glory is coming in!

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