Come together now and be as “one” (1Cor 1:10)

Come my people – come, come, come
Into my presence
Come together now and be as “one”.

Every knee will bow and every tongue confess
That I am Lord.
Gather together and do it now.

It matters not which way you baptise
Or the way you praise and pray.
Put aside all dissensions this day
For do I not see each heart
And love you deeply each one, each day?

My people, as long as you know me as The Way –
That I am truly The Way, The Truth and The Life.
You are part of my Body,
And there is no part more important than another,
Each having their own function.

Come together whenever you can.
Break bread together and know, each one,
You belong to me
Because of my blood shed for everyone.
Love and forgive – come, come, come!

Some of you have grown in the fruit of the Holy Spirit –
Others have grown in His gifts.
Keep growing my people
Feeding on my Word
And growing into maturity.

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