Take hold of my hand – I made and formed you (Ps 139)

I have a deep heart-cry my people,
For every one of you.
I see you and I know what is happening to you.
I made and formed you
And I know what you are going through.
Take my hand wherever you are –
Allow me to steady you.
I reach out my hand –
It is my right hand.
It is my mighty right arm
That will keep you from falling.

How I love you my people.
I see your every circumstance.
I see the mistakes you have made –
I see the decisions made.
Know that all things are subject to change –
Nothing is too difficult for me.
There will be consequences of decisions made
Yet I say to you today my people
My hand is upon you.
Now I reach it out – – –
Take hold of my hand –
Do not let go!

It is a new day –
Do not look at yesterday
Allow the blood of my Son to wash you clean.
It is for you to go my way, not your way.
My Word will confirm, comfort and correct.
My Word will lead and guide and direct.
It will reveal my deep love for you.
I cup my hands around your hand –
My people, I hold you, each one,
In the palm of my hand.

Do not doubt the change I will make
When you fully trust in me.
Your trust is to be in who I Am
Not in what you do for me.
No longer take the hand of the world,
The arm of the flesh or the devil.
You fight against these, but “the battle is Mine”
You are now held by my mighty right arm.

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