Whatever you do – Whatever you say

Whatever you do – whatever you say
Is important in this day.
Whether or not you understand,
You are impacting the world around you.
Whatever you do and whatever you say
Is important every day..
You are my vessels on earth today
Imparting “life” or “death”
Imparting the atmosphere of heaven or hell –
Bringing into being the things I desire –
Bringing into being the plan and purpose
I have for your life, your family or friends –
All those who live in the world around you.
By your words and your actions, you impact nations –
Your city, your nation, the whole earth
And all of my creation.

You have been born in My Image –
All authority I gave to my Son
And in His Name you have been given that same authority.
Make sure my people, you understand
All those negative words and actions, and reactions,
Wrong attitudes, judgments of others and lack of unity together
Are hindering my plan and purpose being fulfilled
On earth today.
Bring My Kingdom into your world –
My will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
My love has been shed abroad in your hearts by the Holy Spirit’
Do not harden your hearts against others in my Body,
Or those lost in sin in the world.
My forgiveness and love are to freely flow –
One to another – one to another.
Your judgment of others is to cease.

Move now in unity –
No-one greater than another.
The gifts I have given are for others
Flow in my gifts one to another
And impact your world
And my Whole Creation.

My return is imminent.
Know this to be true.
Be prepared for when
I come back for you.

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