I see my Body as a jewel

I see my Body as a Jewel
Still being fashioned and formed.
There are parts where my light is shining through
Full of lustre and glow –
Yet I still see the darkness
Where the ways of the world still show –
Where the ways of the world are reflected
And where the enemy’s work still shows.
I also see my glory
As yet not fully unfurled.

My glory will be seen in you my people –
My glory will be known through you.
You will reflect my glory more and more and more.
You will spend more time in my presence.
You will hunger for more –
More of my wisdom – more of my light –
More of my love – The desire to know me more.
This revelation knowledge will be there for all who seek.
Ask and seek and find –
And when you knock, the door will be opened wide.

My Body is like a precious jewel
Beginning to sparkle and shine.
My people will become bold for me –
They will not be ashamed to speak of me.
They will speak my words of life –
My Word in them as a glowing light.
Soon, all will see I am the King of Glory.
Be part of my crown reflecting my glory,.
Allow me to clean and polish you
I see the end from the beginning.
Always I love, and know what is best for you.

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