The words I give feed the soul

The words I give feed the soul
The words I give make you whole.
The words I speak bring life into a world that is becoming corrupt
My Word now goes out into the world in a greater measure.
My people, be part of the changes I bring
To a world that is decaying because of sin.
Speak forth words that will bring new life
Wherever you go with all of your might.

My love for all mankind will be seen.
This I showed when I gave my Son
Yet then it was not clearly seen.
My revelation knowledge will be poured out more and more –
It will be poured out from shore to shore.
It will come as mighty waves breaking on a sea shore.
There will be an awakening as yet not known before.

Be aware my people – stay finely tuned.
Then you will be ready to usher in all that I have planned.
You will be prepared to work with my Holy Spirit
As He moves upon your land.
The world is being driven by hatred and greed
Yet He that is in you is a far greater force than you can conceive.
He that is in you is far greater than He that is in the world.

It is by your words, as well as your actions, that will change the world.
By your words and your unity, you will change the world.
My resurrection power in you will be clearly seen.
Rise up my people,
Reveal my glory!
Christ in you – the Hope of Glory!

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