The Holy Spirit points to Jesus

The Holy Spirit points to Jesus
Jesus points to God, His Father –
Father God stretches out His arms and says
“You are part of me – We are ONE !

My people, we work in unity –
Father, Spirit, Son.
We do not compete for glory
Together we work as “one”.
In Me dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily
And you are complete in me, my people.
When I was on earth, I did what I saw the Father doing –
I was as you, an earthly man.
I am in you and you are in me –
In me you live, and move and have your being.
I, in you, am the Hope of Glory.

My people, until you come together as “ONE”
In heart and mind and spirit,
How can I come and receive you as Bride?
How can I draw you close to my side?

The blood of my Son will purify
And set you free from sin, doubt and unbelief.
In remembrance of my love for the world
When I gave my beloved Son –
And in remembrance of the sacrifice He made
Shedding His blood for everyone –
Partake together as much as you can,
Breaking the bread and drinking ‘the cup’
“This is my body” are the words He said “broken for you”
And as you drink —
Know that you are partaking of the blood of the New Covenant
Which is full of our love for you.

Come my people, be reconciled
Because of our love for you.
Love each other as we love –
It is an everlasting love.
Be enveloped in our love for you
Our love reaches out to everyone.”

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