Come my people – Come! Come my lovely one

Come My People – Come! Come My Lovely One –
For I see each one – To me, you are my Special Child.
I crafted every one.
This you may not understand
But you are wonderfully and intricately made –
Each fashioned for a different purpose,
Yet all to tell of your own life
And how you relate to me –
To tell of how I saved your life
That you might live for eternity.
You each have a story to tell
That will help another’s life.
Many will tell and speak to thousands
While others will influence the one life.
It can be one life at a time
For each life is precious to me.
Despise not that it seems you are used in a lesser way
Than another who is brought to the fore.

My people, how I love you, each one,
And as each one takes their place,
You will flow together as “ONE”
My Spirit is sweeping across your Nation
Flow with me.
Do not miss my waves
Do not miss my winds
Do not miss my “rhema” winds
For truly I am speaking –
My sound waves are in the Spirit
Emanating from my throne.
Position yourselves expectantly.
I desire you to hear – each one.

There is coming a culmination
Of the prophecies in my Word –
Nations are being positioned
And strategically being turned –
They will accomplish my plan and purpose.
Some are unaware
Always I am there
Watching and waiting
Ruling and Reigning.
My people, I see you each one.
I speak clearly through My Word.
My Word and my Spirit – They are “ONE

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