Pick up your baton and take your nation!

I am speaking to my people, one by one,
In ways as not before.
There’s a quickening of my Spirit
Right across your nation.
Names are important to me
And it was I who named your nation
‘The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit”.

It is now the time. My people are to recognise
The role they are to play in bringing in
My plan and purpose for your nation.
Resurrection life now lives in you, my people
and you are seated in heavenly places with me –
My Kingdom to come on earth
As it is in Heaven.

Listen hard and listen well.
Take that time to inquire of me.
I am calling you forth to pick up your baton.
Your fore-fathers who have gone ahead of you
Are urging you on – a great cloud of witnesses.
They have longed to see this day.
Pick up your baton and flow with my Spirit
Leading – guiding – prompting.

The time now is truly short.
Spend it wisely.
Be accountable to me.
I am a rewarder of those
Who diligently seek me.
Walk in my victory
Take your nation!

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