Stride with me!

I would have you walk with purpose –
Not going round and round.
Choose your destination
Always walking on solid ground.
Then you can stride with me
Ever learning of my plan and purpose.
Even put on your running shoes
Prepared for that final race.

There is now a shift –
As it were, a change of gears.
My Spirit is instigating, motivating and delegating.
My people will move in unison.
The wind of my Spirit is intensifying –
Sweeping – sweeping – sweeping across the face of the earth.
Move with my Spirit
Move with me.
Do not resist His momentum.
You will not fall – You will not slip.
My angels are now assigned.
They will usher in My Coming
They are working with my Spirit and my Word.

My people, be available –
Be part of my end-time plan.
Love and tell of my wondrous deeds –
They long for the ‘supernatural’.
There is truly now an urgency for you all to be alert –
With my yoke upon you, it will not be hard work.
You will know the joy of being yoked only to me –
Working with me in my end-time plan.
I ask you now to stride with me!

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