Be ready my daughter! Be ready my son!

The time now is short.
My cry goes out to everyone.
It will be soon that I will return to earth.
You have heard these words before
And you put them aside.
You still believe it is a long time off
But time is running out my people.

You hear of wars and rumours of wars –
You hear of earthquakes and floods.
You see the signs which are speeding up
Right across the world.
You need to be ready for the “suddenly”
You need to be always prepared –
For am I not able to do a quick work
On my prophecies not yet fulfilled?
Am I not able to bring into being those things which are not?
The multitudes not yet saved
Can have encounters directly from me.
I choose to use people to win souls for me
Yet I can choose my angelic hosts to bring messages from me.
I can use visions and dreams or whatever means I choose
To bring into being my chosen plan
That has been from the beginning.

Be prepared my people!
I cry out to you
I am coming – yes I am coming
And it will be soon.

There is now an urgency –
I am coming for my Bride.
You are to flow together as “one”
All differences laid aside.
My people you need to be willing
To throw off those extra weights.
You need to be prepared and ready
To run this final race.

I have an end-time strategy
And you are all part of my plan.
You each have your role to play –
Every woman and every man.
Find the place where you fit the best
Where you can flow in my Spirit with me.
Use your gifts and use them well
Giving all glory and honour to me.

I say again – Be ready!
Stay being prepared!
You know not the hour when I will come.
Stay being prepared!

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