Take only my yoke upon you.

Take my yoke upon you –
There need not be that struggle.
So often it is of your own making
Because of the decisions made.

My yoke is easy and my burden is light.
I know the weight you can carry.
The weight that will help you to stay strong in me –
The weight that will keep you close to me.

My yoke is easy – your own yoke, not so
Do not carry the burden of another unless I say so.
Help them carry their burden as you wear my yoke.
It is for you to work with me – line upon line – stroke upon stroke.

As you listen to my instructions –
As you read the words I give,
Pick up my yoke
It will firmly fit
My Spirit will guide
He will be by your side
And He strengthens within
He shows you the task
And as you obey Him
The Father is blessed
And we glorify Him.

My people, we are as One, Father, Spirit, Son.
Be as One as we are One
Take my yoke upon you
Continue to learn of me.
Be as One – only my yoke upon you.
In you, my glory is to be seen.

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