Speak out! Speak out my words!

Speak out! Speak out! Speak out my people.
The time has come for you to speak out my words –
The words I have planted deep into your being.
They are to now bear fruit for me –

For have I not planted in you my people
New life for all to see?
Have I not planted resurrection life?
Are you not new creatures for me?

The words that I speak bring in new life
Wherever there is death and destruction
The words that I speak will revive my people
And bring salvation to a nation.

You are to know revival fire
Such as not seen before in your nation.
You will see signs and wonders in the sky and the sea.
Your nation is to come to its knees.

My people, speak forth words of life
I am a God to be honoured and feared.
The words that I speak are to be proclaimed
Let all who would hear come near
For I am waiting with open arms.
Indeed I love your nation.
As you humble yourselves before me
I will bring new life to your nation.

It is resurrection power you have –
The same power that raised my Son from the dead.
Rise up now from your knees and allow it to flow.
Bring revival to your nation.
You will see lives transformed
Towns and cities across your nation,
As you speak out the words I give
You will see transformation.

My Glory I give to no other.
Be united in plan and purpose.
Love and honour one another.
No-one greater than another

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