Man shall not live on bread alone

“Man shall not live on bread alone
But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”

My Father speaks to you words of life.
Receive them deep in your being.
It is by every word that proceeds from His mouth
You will know abundant living.

Without the life that comes from His mouth
Our bodies are but shells on the earth
And soon can become as empty shells washed up on a beach
Lifeless on the earth.

For all true life comes from the Father’s hand –
The Creator of the universe.
His words fulfil our every need.
His words bring life and light to the earth.

And you my people are my “living Word”
We are as “one” with our Father.
I sit at the Father’s right hand
And you are seated with me.

Feed on, and pass on
The words you receive from the mouth of God
The bread of this world will not be enough.
Feed the hungry and the lost.

There is a dimension not known on the earth
By multitudes today.
You, my people, are “the hope of Glory” –
Reveal My Glory today.

Be filled with the words of my mouth –
The spirit of wisdom and revelation.
My spirit now hovers all over you –
It is for you and your nation.

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