Cherish my light and my glory

A shadow speaks of the existence
Of a being or thing –
A person or a building,
Moving or still, of anything.

You are now living in the shadow of things to come
Yet my glory is being made manifest more and more on the earth.
As you walk in my light and walk in my glory
The shadows lessen and lessen.

My glory will surround my people.
There will be times when they will glow.
With me, there is no shadow of turning.
Around me, there are no shadows.

Take heed of the revelation –
My light has come to you.
Cherish it and allow it to glow.
May it radiate all around you.

My kingdom is to come on earth
As it is in heaven.
Cherish the mind of Christ in you –
Feed on the food of Heaven.

Do not absorb the ways of the world –
They will lessen the brightness of your light.
My glory will be seen in you my people
And draw others into my light.

Impart my glory to others –
Receive and impart.
Be a channel for my glory –
Keep receiving from my heart.

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