Charted Waters

You may feel you are entering uncharted waters –
Know that they are not uncharted to me.
I am the One who created the waters.
I separated the land from the sea.

All the earth is mine and the fullness thereof
And the waters are subject to me.

There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed.
There is nothing hidden from me –
Whether hidden in the earth
Or in the depths of the sea.

There is nothing hidden deep in your heart
That I cannot see.
Your desires and aspirations
I can clearly see.

And I can see hidden motives
That others cannot see.

Do not fear when I call
Across the waters to you.
I know your heart and that you want to do
All that I require of you.

Stay in my Word – It will empower you.
Be sharpened and you will see
A dividing asunder of soul and spirit –
And bone and marrow
And the discerning of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
These things will be revealed to you.

More and more – More and more
I call out across the seas to you.
My perfect love casts out all fear
And my love reaches out to you.

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