The rights of my children are to be recognised

The Rights of My Children are to be recognised –
Not demanded – but claimed.
My children are to flow in the grace that has been given,
In humility, making their claims,
For as they stand before my throne of grace,
I recognise each heart –
For the attitude of my people
From those of the world – need to stand apart.

Be aggressive and demand
When you stand before the enemy,
The one who would kill, steal and destroy –
Rise up then and use your authority.

My children, you are so precious.
All I have is yours.
Because you believe and know my Son
Who sacrificed his all –
Because of his blood
All that we have now is yours.

Come now before my Throne of Grace
In confidence knowing my love –
Obeying my voice
With a forgiving heart,
Receive all the promises for you –
And then with thanksgiving in your heart,
Tell of my love, loud from your heart!

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