Guard your territory

Listen to me, my people
Listen hard to me
Use your spiritual weapons
And guard your territory.
Skirt around the land where you live
Applying the blood of the lamb
For there will be an onslaught
At the enemy’s hands.
Know that my plans are far greater
Than any other strategy.
Move by my Spirit
And exercise your authority.

There is an end-time plan I am putting in place
I am net-working my people – making divine connections
They will need to see my blueprint for their section.
Spend more time seeking my face and I will give you direction.

There will be a calling together of those I have prepared.
My Holy Spirit is moving in new ways on the earth.
There is to be an equipping as never seen before on earth.
My Generals – you know who you are – Rise up now and come forth!

Come together
Seek my plan.
Hold my blueprint
In your hand.
Guide and teach
Train and Equip.
My Holy Spirit
In command.
Be aware
You will be opposed
Yet the blood of my Son
– The Victory Won –
Now protects your land
As you apply it around.

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