The depth of my love needs to be known

The Depth of My Love needs to be known –
It is everlasting.
The width and the depth, the mind cannot receive.
The depth of my love needs to be known.

Tell of this love I have given to you –
Freely because you believe.
Impart this love to those you meet
With your words and as well, with your deeds.

My love will meet every need
Deep in your innermost being.
It will carry you through your pain and your grief
All your suffering that you are feeling.

Receive now, more of this love
That I received from my Father above.
Allow me to fill you to overflowing.
It is for you to share, that I might be made known.

Tell of my love when I gave my all –
My very life-blood was shed for all
That you might be free of guilt and shame –
Of your sin and sickness – totally free.

“How can it be?” you ask of me –

It was the sinless blood totally clean
That had to be sacrificed
For you and for me.

Our Father God so loved us
He gave his only Son to save the lost.
This love has now been passed on to us
For us to cherish and to save the lost.

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