I speak into your potential

I Speak into your potential –
Of what I would have you be,
And as you respond, it sparks new life
And soon a new anointing comes into being.

All that is needed will be provided
For my work to be done.
My resources are there for the taking –
They are to be taken, one by one.

Look and see beyond your thoughts –
Your reasoning hinders me.
More and more my Spirit will move
And bring my plans into being.

Speak forth my Word.
Speak words of faith.
Loose my plans into being
For you are all to play your part.
Praise and worship in every form
With thanksgiving to me,
Will pave the way for the fruit to come forth –
Fruit that will remain for me.

Stay close to each other –
Allow nothing to come between.
Be a united force for me
Sweeping your country clean.

This may sound a little too much
But as each one plays their part,
The Blood of the Lamb will cover all sin
And bring salvation to your land.

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