Come, My People

Come, my people –
Come, come, come!
I beckon and I call
But not many come.

Not many come and sit with me.
Not many come and be totally with me
Just me –
For us to be finely attuned
In intimacy.

[The pressures of the world around us
occupy our time
They also beckon and call
For them, we find the time]

My children, my sons and my daughters
Hear the words of my Son.
He is your beloved as well as my beloved Son.
You are being prepared for the marriage feast.
Allow the wooing of my Spirit
To prepare you for my Son.

You are to be so attuned to Him
That your thoughts will be as “one”.
You know in my Word you have His mind
Yet your thoughts need to come in line.

Hear his voice now –
He says “Come my beloved
Come be with me –
Just our special time, you and me”

And as your thoughts become as “one”
Finely attuned to my dear Son,
The world will know that you are mine
They will be drawn to His love and mine.

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