Always I desire you to be strong in me

Always I Desire You to be Strong in Me –
Your own strength will never be sufficient for the tasks ahead.
My yolk is easy and my burden is light.
As you take upon yourself all those extra burdens,
Your own strength cannot prevail.
Lay them at my feet –
My resurrected feet –
For truly you are now seated with me
In the heavenlies.

My resurrection power is to fill your very being.
It is the same power that raised me from the dead.
I dwell in you my people, with all my fullness
And as you die to yourself and your fleshly desires,
More and more my life –
My resurrected life –
Will be clearly seen in you, each one.

Allow me now to rule and reign in you.
Take upon yourselves that authority given to me by my Father.
You can truly do all things through me.
I strengthen you.
I give you the joy which is your strength.

My Holy Spirit will empower you day by day.
Speak to me consistently in the new language given to you.
Use this weapon in warfare for me,
Pushing back the enemy
In your life and in your family.

Be strong in me now and in the power of my might –
The might of my Holy Spirit
For it is not by your own might or your own strength
But by my Spirit you are to live day by day
Showing my Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

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