Come with me now

Come with me now –
Yes, come with me into my new anointing
When my latter rain is being poured out
With my former rain.

My revival songs are full of power
And of revelation –
They are revealing who I am and my heart’s desire
In these latter days.
Yet I say to you
There is a rejoicing now in the heavenlies
As the “cloud of witnesses” see
Me bringing forth my former rain –
Those age-old melodies.

There is a new anointing as my latter rain –
My greater rain – is becoming even greater
Because of the enriching of my former rain,
Ever-anointed and true.

Come my people – Come with me
Into my new anointing
Being poured forth from my Throne-room!
All blessing and honour and glory
Worthy is the lamb who was slain
Lord of all Lords and King of all Kings!
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Sing with my angels now – Sing!

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