You have come to a place

You have come to a place
Where I can better mould and shape you –
Where you are more flexible in my hands.
You are now more open to the things that I would tell you.
You are now listening to me.
You have found out that going your way
Brings many snares and pitfalls –
The way that for you, I never planned.

Come now, come!
Be aware when I call.
I beckon when the time is right.
I see when you are about to fall.
I see the way I would have you go.
I know you through and through.
Rest assured, the way I have planned
Is the very best for you.

Stay close to my Word
There are many other voices.
You will know when the plans are mine.
My love will flood your heart
For it is in reaching out with my love to others
You will best find your part –
The part that you are to play in my end-time plan.
Come now – hear the cry of my heart!.

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