All the heavens declare My Glory

Today I say – Look up and see!
All the heavens declare my glory!
Throughout all the earth, my heavens speak
And the whole earth sees my glory –
And though I am speaking, my voice is not heard
By multitudes of my people living on the earth.

I sent my Son that people would know
The extent of my love for them.
My voice still cries out to all who would hear –
My glory still seen in the heavens.
Look up! Look up and see the glory
In the One who made the heavens and the earth!

My glory now resides in you.
My glory has been passed on to you.
Allow my glory to flow through you.
My glory now is to be seen and known.
It is to be seen and known though each one of you –
The beauty of my glory shining through.

Come my beautiful Body –
Shine and be clearly seen.
Join together in harmony.
Glow – giving glory to me
And passing on my glory
That all may be set free!

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