Look at My Son – The brightness of My Glory

“Look at my Son! Look at my Son!” He says –
“He is the brightness of my Glory
He is the express image of my person.
It is through Him the worlds were made.
He is the One who upholds all things by the Word of His power.

Doubt not the authority and power I have given to my Son.
Doubt not that the glory He had with me has been passed on
To his original disciples and now to you my people –
Those who have committed their lives to me
And desire my glory to be clearly seen.

Stay close to me – so very close
And stay close to each other.
You are the Body, of Christ my Son
And we are as One, Father, Spirit and Son.
Together we will see the evidence of the victory won
When my Son gave his life-blood for everyone.

He is the brightness of my glory
He is in you, my people
“Christ in you, the hope of glory”
Allow the light of my glory to shine through you my people –
The fullness of who I am.
My very essence to be seen in you
Because of your time spent in my presence.”

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