Align yourselves, my people

Come sit at my feet and learn of me.
Truly my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
I will not ask anything of you that you are not able to accomplish,
For all you do is to be, not in your own strength
But in the power of my might.

Know this, my people, that as you sit at my feet –
As you learn more about me –
More of Who I Am.
You will know without a doubt
The way I would have you walk.
Out of you will flow rivers of living water –
The waters that bring forth new life.
All my fullness will flow forth from you.
All the fullness of the God-head bodily dwells in me
And you are complete in me.

I dwell in you my people.
In you I live and move and have my being
We are entwined with our Father God
And it is my Holy Spirit that brings forth this revelation to you.

My people, the time is short.
Align not yourselves with the ways of the world.
Do not allow any more your time to be of no value.
My Kingdom is to be seen and known on earth.
My glory is to be clearly seen in you my people.

I cry out to you today!
Align yourselves with those who are listening to my heart-cry
Become the people I have called you to be.
Join forces together.
My glory will be seen and known through you my people.
Allow my love to flow in and through you to all you meet.
My peace will flood your soul.
As you pick up all the weapons I have given you
To go advancing – advancing –
Taking back the territory the enemy has stolen.
You will be ready for me, my Beloved Bride
You will be prepared for me
And I will be proud to stand by your side.

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