All my people have value

All my people have value –
Especially to me.
They have been created for the purpose
Of glorifying me.
To me, each person is precious
And with me, there is no partiality.

Take the time to ponder
And see what I have done.
I have been changing my people.
I have been changing everyone.

Some still make wrong choices
And that still grieves my heart,
But I will not go against the will of man
And it is the Holy Spirit’s part
To woo them – to draw them
To know my Son
And then they will come to see
My love is for everyone.

More and more my people will know
The great depth of my love for each one.
The most I could give you was my only Son
And now his blood prevails for everyone.

Because of his blood, you can be set free
Of every sickness
Of every disease
Your sorrows and griefs
Whatever the need –
The power in that blood will set you free –
Free to reach your destiny.

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