Trust me – Trust me implicitly

Trust me – Trust me implicitly.
Am I one who does not keep his promises?
“I am not a man that I should lie
Nor the son of man that I should repent …”
I am the Lord your God.
My Word is true.
My promises I keep.
All I ask is that you spend time with me and my Word
For truly I desire to bless you.
Blessings come with obedience
And my heart’s desire is to bless you.

Trust me implicitly in every circumstance of your life.
My love for you is steadfast.
It is everlasting and I change not
As you grow in the understanding of the depth of love I have for you,
You will know that all things do work together for good
For those I have called according to my purpose.
Trust and obey and I will bring into being
Those things that are your heart’s desire.

Enter into my rest and abide under the shadow of my wings;
And as you rest in me
As you relax in me
I will refresh you –
And you will rise up with wings as an eagle –
You will soar with me.
You will look down with a heavenly perspective.
You will see the big picture
And where you fit as part of the whole,

Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard
What I have planned for you my people.

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