Honour the gifts I have given

Honour the gifts I have given –
Not one greater than another,
Honour the gifts I have given to another.
Be open to receive from their gifting
For I would have you give and receive
And give and receive again and again.

The gifts I have given are to be passed on.
They are not to be put on the shelf.
They reveal to all just who I am
And when passed on with love
Revelation knowledge will grow wider and deeper
Into the hearts and lives of men.

My people, my people, honour the gifts I given to others
There is to be no jealousy or strife
For do I not love you all equally?
Did I not give for you all, my life?
Repent of your sin of division.
I ask you to unite.
Look at each other and see Me in each other –
It will bring to you new life.

My people, I long to see you as “one”.
We are as “one” – Father Son and Holy Spirit –
We flow together as “one”.
We are not jealous of one another.
We give honour and love to each other.
That is the desire of my heart for you
And it is to be the heart of My Bride.
Be ready my people – I’m coming soon
To draw you to my side.

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