There is a Choice that has to be made

There is a Choice that has to be made –
Are you preparing yourself?
The Bride that I have chosen
Has to make a choice.

The Wedding Feast is being prepared –
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
Will you be ready when I call?
Will you be ready to take my hand?

I am drawing my people to a deeper walk with me.
Allow my blood to cleanse you, and yield yourself to me.
You cannot choose the world AND me.
The choice is yours – Choose eternity!

The ways of the world come between our intimacy.
You are the Bride I have chosen.
My people, listen to me!
My people, my people, my chosen ones.
I am jealous for you to come by my side.
Be ready now – Prepare yourself, each one.
Be holy as I am holy.
The choice is yours my beloved ones.

I do not desire to turn away any from the door
Any of those who have been with me, but not any more.
My heart cries out – I miss those ones.
How can I love you more? I gave my all.

My blood shed on the cross still flows today.
It has never lost its power.
Take hold of my word – be healed and made whole.
Choose life with me this very hour.

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