Where are the Generals?

Where are the Generals that I have prepared
To be the Generals in this day?

As my army lines up for me
They will need to hear with clarity.
It will be my Generals that I will call forth
To impart clearly my strategy.

Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard
The things that I have prepared.
This end-time move of my Spirit
Will not be as it has ever been before.

All those pre-conceived ideas
Will have to be pushed right out.
My Generals, you need fresh revelation
Deep from my heart, without any doubt,
That you might be truly as “one”.
The shaking of your nation can only come
When you are together in one accord
With one heart and one mind –
That is, My heart and My mind.

My Generals, I am asking you to stand
And to step forward into my plan –
The plan I have had from the very beginning.
I am calling you to be part of my end-time plan.

Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!
The time is short my beloved ones.
Deep calls to deep. Deep calls to deep.
Come my Generals – I call you forth as “one”!

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