Pick up your weapons my people

Pick up your weapons my people
I have given you all you need.
Now is the time for you to advance
It is not the time to retreat.

Many are those who have gone ahead
Helping to prepare the way.
They have been strong, yet not together
And have longed to see this day

Today is the day for rank and file
There is to be a united front.
My Body is to be as ‘One’
Advancing, advancing together as One.

Listen for my heart-beat
Listen for my strategy.
The time has come to be in one accord –
United to stand, not divided to fall.

Pick up your weapons – my Word, my Blood
By my Spirit you will prevail.
My Name is far above any other name.
Use them each one and you will not fail.
— a.m.

There is to be an onslaught –
My timing you will know.
I ask you all to be alert
Ready for when I say *Go!”

Gather together! Gather together!
Be of one heart and mind.
My Body is to flow as ‘One’
Enforce the victory I have won.

You will know signs and wonders –
You will do exploits for me.
Save the lost and heal the sick.
This is your destiny.

I came to set the captives free -.
Be free and set my people free.
You are all my Body and belong to me.
All the glory must be given to me.

All the powers of darkness have to flee
You will take back the stolen territory.
And as you march forward together for me
Listen hard for my strategy.
— p.m.

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