A Call to women – Everywhere (For Daughters of Destiny)

Women of the World – we embrace you
We call you to come and to know
The One who created and crafted you –
His beauty and His love to show.

Women of the World – it is our Father God
Who so loved us, He gave his only Son
With His pure blood , to die for us on the cross
That we might be free of all guilt and shame, each one.

Our Father God loves us so much
He wants to know us as daughters, each one.
He has a plan and a purpose for each one of us –
Come and answer His call to each one.

Sit at my feet and listen to me!
My love for you is the same as for man
Rise up now and hold my hand.

Be healed now and made whole
By the stripes on the back of Jesus Christ, my Son.
We love you with an everlasting love –
By my grace and my Spirit, we are united as ‘one’

The blood Jesus gave – gives to you New Life,
New hope – a new Way
And a new start in life.


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