Specific words are to be heard

My people are growing
My people are hungry
My people are being drawn
Higher and higher
Deeper and wider
Into the realm of my Spirit.
It is a choice they are making
As my Spirit woos them and draws them on.
The time is short and I am calling to my people
To spend more time with me.
It is the only way they will be more attuned
To hear my voice more clearly.
Specific words have to be heard.
It is no longer a general path.
My people are being separated
Into their gifts and calling.
As they recognise and take their rightful place
My Spirit will orchestrate my end- time plan.

Be ready! Be ready my people!
Spend that extra time with me
To hear my voice more clearly.
And the instructions I will give will be specific.
Confusion must go.
Your focus must be
To be more attentive to me.
To hear my voice more clearly
So that you will not miss day by day
The pathway that has been planned for you.
You are not to be fearful of missing the mark.
My Holy Spirit will gently adjust your way.
My heart’s desire is that you know my way
And walk in it.

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