Prophetic word for God’s people in Albany

Prophetic Word for God’s people in Albany
There is complacency, much complacency
There is an attitude
There is isolation and people come
Because of the altitude.

To some it is as a backwater
To others a special port.
To some it as a place of retirement
There are people of all sorts.

Regardless of the reason why
There has been a gathering of people there.
It is by my Spirit I draw them –
They are to meet Jesus, my Son, right there.

Know this my people, my chosen ones
You have a part to play.
I desire to use you to help bring in the harvest –
First I need you to pray.

My Spirit will guide and lead you.
Be united in plan and purpose.
I desire revival to come to this city –
Significant in my plan and purpose.

Revival fires are being lit
Right across your nation.
The blanket of complacency has to be removed.
Believe for an open heaven so my Spirit can freely move.

The time has come for Albany
To know revival fire –
The fire of my Holy Spirit
Bringing in my heart’s desire.

My heart for you my people knows no bounds
Join together in unity – bring in the joyful sounds
Of praise and worship and prayer to me
Proclaim to all my victory.

The victory I won on the cross at Calvary
When I shed my blood for all mankind
Still speaks to all principalities and powers of darkness
And demands freedom for all mankind.

Walk in that freedom – in my victory
My people I ask you to play your part.
My people, my people, I ask that you heed the words I say
And hear the cry of my heart.

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