O how I love my people

O How I love my people –
Even those who don’t know me.
How can I show them the love I have
If this love is not shown through you?
Yes, I can shower my blessings on them,
But will they know it is from me?

So often people believe in “fate”
“mother nature”, fortune telling, or in “the stars”.
My people, speak out and tell of my love –
That I came that they might truly live –
That because of the blood I gave on the cross,
My body torn and bruised, battered and broken,
They can be saved from their sin, guilt and shame.
I endured it all for each one,
Knowing it was the only way they could be reconciled
To their heavenly Father.

Oh how I love my people
Whether or not they have come to know me.
Tell of my loving-kindness.
Tell them I love them –
That I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness,
Justice and righteousness in the earth,
And in these things I delight.

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