Find your place

Yes, I have a plan
An end-time plan
That excludes none of my people.
How I need each one to find their place
So that they will be like a well-oiled machine
Functioning well to my heart-beat.
here will be a rhythm that all will hear
When they find their place for me.

Hear me and hear me well!
I must set in motion
My end-time plan
For the time is now short –
So very short.

Hear me my people
Find your place.
My Holy Spirit will be your guide.
You have been prepared for such a time as this
And I have prepared the way for you.
Find your place in me.
Dig deep into me
As you find your place
It is in my ways you will live.
My glory will be seen and known in you my people –
It is for my Glory alone.

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