New Year expectation

There is an expectation when every new year starts –
An expectation that I will speak and set the year apart.
There is an expectation that I will reveal a new direction.
A hidden truth, a way my people should go.
This year I say to you – I will complete
Those things I have started in you.
There will be some new beginnings.
There will be fresh manna every day.
My mercies will be new every morning –
Yet there have been many new seeds planted
That need to be watered and fed.
You will be as an orchard
Bearing much fruit for me.
My signs and miracles will come forth
As you stay close to me.
Enter into the realm of the Spirit
Enter into the heavenlies.
I am waiting for you my people
To travel more extensively
Into the arena of my glory
Into my Holy Presence.
My angels will sing with you there
My cherubim and seraphim
Will meet with you there.

Yes, you will see my creatures,
My living creatures so clear.
My angelic beings will mingle more and more
For my people are to be prepared
For their heavenly shore.
Come my people, come!
It is the beginning of a new day –
The beginning of an earthly year for you.
I ask you to remember and know
That I am truly coming soon.
I now must do a quick work in my people
Be willing to sacrifice more of your time and energy
Listening for my strategy for your day.
The time is short.
There is a speeding up of earthly time.
Do not be detoured from my plan and purpose.
I need you to be strong and empowered
I need you all to be strong and empowered
For my end-time plan.

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