Pass on my words

The words that are given are to be passed on.
The doors will open wide.
There is a hunger and thirst for more.
My people are longing for me
And the words that I give will draw them on.
They will know they are from me –
For will I not give you words of knowledge
As you seek to go deeper in me?
Will I not give words of wisdom
As you continue to seek more of me?
My glory is being poured out on those
Who will pass on words given from me
For my desire is that all will come
To a deeper unity in me.
When I am placed in my rightful place
My glory will rest on thee
My glory will rest on those who are seeking
To manifest my glory for me.
You are my vessels on the earth today –
With my angels, my glory revealed.
All will not understand, but know
My ways are beyond the understanding of man.
The experiences I give cannot be denied.

Stay close and keep listening.
My desire to communicate with you , my people
Is far greater than your desire to hear me.
More and more my people will have ears to hear.
It is the day of revelation and I will impart to you
Knowledge and wisdom, for now you are listening.
The time is short and there’s much work to do.
Spend your time wisely, listening what to do.
My desire is to use you each one
That I might be glorified.

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