Urgent Words

This is that which was spoken of
By my prophet Joel.
There is an increase of my revelation knowledge
To my sons and my daughters.
They will prophesy more and more.
There will be more dreams and visions spoken about
For the time is short
And my people need to be made aware
That I am truly coming soon.

There is an urgency now –
It must be seen
And it must be known
That my return is imminent.
No longer can my instructions, my warnings,
My very Word itself
Be laid aside to be obeyed another day.
Expect each day that this is the day I could return.
I say to you my people
These are not idle words –
Know that there is an urgency now
For those things that have been laid aside
To be taken hold of firmly.
There is to be a completion, that you may be ready.

There is a destiny for each one.
Flow with my Spirit now.
Do not lag behind.
There is much work to be done.
It is by my Spirit you will accomplish what needs to be done.
Stay close to me –
No longer to operate in your own strength.
As you wait on me, poised and ready,
Your strength will be renewed –
You will be as an eagle.
There will be much joy in your heart
As you relax in me
And flow with my Spirit
Leading, guiding and empowering you.

I ask you to be ready for me.

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