Cloud of Glory (For Perth)

There is a cloud above the city
Pregnant with golden rain.
It is as a great big giant balloon
Made up of seven parts.
The angels are waiting to release the glory
The glory of the golden rain.
The cloud is full of God’s glory
It is full of radiant light.
Look up and see – look up and see!

Arise and shine for the light has come
The glory of the Lord has risen upon thee.
The glory of the Lord is waiting
Waiting for all to see.
The city is pregnant waiting for the day
His glory will be clearly seen.
Be ready my people – be ready
To impart my glory for me.
My glory is in you my people.
Impart my glory for me.
It is time my people for my glory to be clearly seen.

The cloud is in the spirit
It is waiting to be birthed on earth.
The birthing is to come from my people
Birthing in unity
With one heart and one mind –
The mind of my beloved Son.
My Spirit will speak –
Those who have ears to hear will hear.

My glory will be seen
And my glory will be known
In this city of Perth.
Make room! Make room
For the King of Glory my people!
He is the Lord of Hosts, mighty in war.

Lift up your heads Oh you gates!
Open the shutters!
Open the blinds!
Open the doors my people!
Let the King of Glory in.
All darkness must go –
The King of Glory is coming in!

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